One celebrity who’s very active in the addiction recovery community is Russell Brand. He also has a documentary about his struggles with an addiction to heroin and alcoholism. Russell is proof that you can turn your life around. Aime had hit rock bottom with drugs and alcohol. She shares her story about the dark times and how she climbed out after getting the help and rehabilitative treatment she needed to recover.

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Todd and his twin brother caused havoc growing up. He was a heavy drinker for 20 years, until his life came to a screeching halt. Todd found the program of AA, which led him closer to a higher power. Katie’s successful path to recovery began by looking outside of herself.

Joe A? 4 Years Sober ?

Spencer came to New Roads initially as an intern and recent college grad at age 40. Spencer suffered from alcoholism for years and spent some time in and out of treatment centers until he found the 12-step program that changed his life. Watch as Spencer shares his inspiring story with you. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with harrowing images of addiction. Yes, the world knows that addiction can be an isolating, scary, anddangerous disease, but now it’s time for them to see what recovery looks like. It’s time for us to speak up and let the world know that recovery from addiction is possible and anyone is capable of living a healthy, wonderful life free of drugs and alcohol. Human stories are the most powerful tool we have to combat addiction.

  • The people on the list presented me with a sane, logical, no-nonsense, no-excuses brand of sobriety.
  • I was angry, irritable, and anxious and that led me back to drinking.
  • Watch their videos to learn of their struggles, and how they pulled themselves out of the lifestyle of addiction and into a healthier life of recovery.
  • In challenging times, Don turns to prayer and meditation to keep his emotions in check.

So for me, the things that have been difficult like friendships and relationships are different now that I can stand up for myself and set boundaries and I know what I want. I never knew what I wanted, so how would I have known what to ask for? I can walk away from situations now knowing I am able to express myself and not wishing I had the strength to have said or done something.

Sober Celebrities Share Recovery Stories to Inspire Others

Becki went through several treatment programs to overcome her addiction, but each time she became worse. Resultantly, Bill learned to love himself and to love life. Bill developed self-worth and began volunteering, working for rehab centers to help young people like him. To anyone out there struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, just know that you are not alone. And that help is out there where ever you turn. And life is so much more beautiful than the darkness in which you have been living.

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For women wanting more help quitting drinking, Kate offers a 6-week online coaching program that teaches a step-by-step formula to change your relationship with alcohol for good. “Nicole’s increasing alcohol consumption escaped us as we were consumed with our son’s drug use. College drinking can be more accepted and as a result, may be excused. As educated as we became about drug addiction we failed to see the severity of Nicole’s own addiction to alcohol. As she began to experience more consequences because of her drinking i.e. roommate conflicts, lower grades in college, a DUI, etc. we were forced to open our eyes. Once Nicole had to leave school because of her heavy drinking we realized we could not force her to stop any more than we could stop our son’s drug use.

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By this time I had been sober for three weeks and I had made plans to go for a five-day inpatient evaluation approved by the PHS director. I went to an addiction treatment facility sober success stories with a program designed specifically for health care professionals. At the end of the extensive five-day evaluation, it was suggested that I stay for an extended period of time.

  • An unfortunate New York City bar fight – before which Radcliffe was seen drinking heavily – ended his first two year stint of sobriety.
  • Because a lot of people think we just kind of hide, like you get sober and then you’re just detached from the rest of the world.
  • There is no pretense except by Rabbit ~ but then, he represents adult behavior with all of its constraints.
  • “I came home and I decided to find a therapist for treatment.
  • I prided myself on never missing a day of school.

“My life and mind have honestly completely changed from the day I came into Roots to the day that I left. I was sad, depressed, I lied, cheated, stole from everyone even those I loved.

Overdose Awareness: Cleveland Mom Lost Son to Overdose During COVID Lockdown

After promising to never follow the same path, a traumatic event lead her to substance abuse. When trying to stay sober and detox herself, she realized she needed more help than what she had found in the past. A friend recommended New Roads Behavioral Health. Beth and I have the same sobriety date, May 7, 2013, although I had a few more years of drinking and using under my belt because I am older. I call my disease the disease of “more.” Alcohol was my first choice, but throughout my active addiction, I excessively used ecstasy, pain pills, marijuana, and cocaine. I was looking for more of whatever was available at that time in my life.

sober success stories

For the first time in my life, while I was living here, I found it more rewarding to be able to be present for my child, then to be able to chase that next drink. When I came out, and came out of detox, I just drank. If you or someone you love has an alcohol abuse problem, it’s important to get help. Support groups can help you take that first step.